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Cakeydora's FAQ Section: Frequently Asked Questions


Cakeydora FAQs

Here are some common questions we have received from our Customers, please take a look and see if your question is here.

List of requirements to consider when ordering a wedding cake:

  • Date of wedding
  • Number of guests to serve
  • Types of cake required
  • Number of tiers preferred
  • Theme if any
  • Colour scheme
  • Ideas for décor or style
  • Budget

Q: How many portions will a cake serve?
A: As a guide fruit cake served in 1″ pieces. Sponge is generally portioned in larger pieces and will provide approximately half the portions.

Q: I’m only having a small wedding do you do any smaller cakes?
A: We can make most designs with less tiers and you can also choose from our range of cupcakes. Please get in touch so we can talk you through the options.

Q: I love the cupcake idea but I really wanted something traditional too, what would you suggest?
A: You can order a 6″ top tier of any design, cupcakes will be made to match, this top tier will give you a cake to cut into for the photos!

Q: Can I have a combination of cakes including sponge rather than just fruitcake?
A: You can have a combination of cake flavours for your wedding cake. If you want part of your cake to be fruit I would always recommend that the bottom tier is a fruit cake to maintain stability.

Q: I have a set idea of the style/type of cake I want.
A: This is not a problem, all of our wedding cakes are made to your individual requirements.

Q: I’ve seen a few wedding cakes that I like, Can you mix wedding cake designs?
A: Yes. Any design shape or size can be combined to create your wedding cake, we offer a totally bespoke service to give you a cake that will perfectly match your wedding theme/colours.

Q: I’ve seen a wedding cake I love. Can you make it for me?
A: If you can provide a photograph of the design you like we can discuss whether we will able to recreate a design for you.

Q: I want to use fresh flowers or fresh fruit on my wedding cake. Can I buy them from you?
A: Using fresh flowers or fresh fruits on a wedding cake looks beautiful unfortunately we are unable to supply them to you directly. Your florist will supply the flowers for the wedding cake, this will guarantee that they match your flowers perfectly.

Q: Can you deliver our wedding cake?
A: We do offer a personal delivery service within a 10 mile radius of Lichfield, either delivered to your home during the week prior to your wedding day, or we will deliver and set up your wedding cake on the morning of your wedding at your reception venue. The cost of this service is additional and will be worked out on application.

Q: How long before our wedding will the cake be prepared?
A: If your wedding cake is a fruitcake we will bake them as far in advance as possible, the more mature a fruitcake is the better it will taste! If your wedding cake is sponge we will bake these the week of your wedding.

Q: How long will my wedding cake last?
A: If your wedding cake is a fruitcake it will last for many months within an airtight container.

Q: Do you supply wedding cake stands, bases or cake knives?
A: We don’t supply any cake knives or stands with the cakes, these can usually be hired from your reception venue.

Q: How far in advance do we need to order our wedding cake?
A: This really depends on the time of year that your wedding is taking place. The summer months are very busy so I would advise booking at least 6 to 9 months in advance. However it is always worth getting in touch as we do sometimes have a free space available.

Q: Will a deposit be required?
A: A 30% deposit of the agreed total cost of your cake will be required to secure your booking, this will be non refundable.

If your question does not appear in the above list, please do not hesitate to contact us!